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Happy Memories - Whisper a Wish Collection

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Poppy is a symbol of loving remembrance. Her delicate beauty is a peaceful, poignant reminder of the cycle of life and love.
Our stunning rose gold vermeil Poppy is a quiet and personal way to remember loved ones. She is a reminder to treasure happy memories and smile.

Inspired by the idea that we can make our wishes come true if we believe in them, focus on them and take constant steps towards making them real. Whether it's one big ambition or lots of little dreams, the way to make them happen is to start today. Sadly we've not found the wish-carrying butterfly to make this easy, but each Whisper a Wish piece can help you to focus on your wish and connect to your own instinctive wisdom to make it real. 



Sterling silver & rose gold vermeil with beautiful centre detail of stamens in oxidised silver. Silver back. 

Size: 16mm x 16mm
Chain length: 18" with adjuster to 16" 
Chain style: choice of antiqued silver or silver

Made by hand by craftsmen and craftswomen at family owned workshops in Thailand. We know the team well and love to find an excuse to visit.
Mosami uses 'second life' sterling silver - this means it's been used for other things in the past (maybe jewellery, cutlery or an industrial use) and then re-refined to produce perfect sterling silver.  We do this because the environmental and human impact of silver mines is truly terrible.
By re-cycling silver we are at least minimising this damage.  However this is a temporary fix - what we campaign for is mining that is respectful for the environment and miners.


Give Poppy to express your wish for sadness to be replaced with smiles of remembrance and warmth. She can help a little to evoke comforting memories of happy times.