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Poppy for Happy Memories - Always Flowers Collection

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A wish for happy memories
Delicate ephemeral poppy - a beautiful symbol of remembrance and a reminder of fleeting souls loved and lost, her beauty reminds us to remember them with smiles. She is a poignant symbol of the cycle of life and helps to keep treasured memories close.
Gorgeously delicate poppy with soft white frosting to highlight the lovely detailing at the centre and carefully polished shimmering outer edges.

Create a personalised posy of flowers using the language of flowers to express the thoughts you want to share. We are charmed by the discovery that 'posy' was originally spelled 'poesy' meaning 'a collection of thoughts'... poetry. Alternatively choose a posy that's personal to you, with a combination of flowers that expresses the things you value and wish for more of in your life.
Always Flowers necklaces can be any combination of flowers you choose, they are equally pretty as a single flower or a complete posy, you decide. We can deliver a gift nextday just like a florist, the difference is that this posy will last a lifetime instead of a week and your message will last. 

Sterling silver
Size:17mm x 17mm
Chain length: 18" with adjuster to 16"
Gift wrapped

Made by hand by craftsmen and craftswomen at family owned workshops in Thailand. We know the team well and love to find an excuse to visit.
Mosami uses 'second life' sterling silver - this means it's been used for other things in the past (maybe jewellery, cutlery or an industrial use) and then re-refined to produce perfect sterling silver.  We do this because the environmental and human impact of silver mines is truly terrible.
By re-cycling silver we are at least minimising this damage.  However this is a temporary fix - what we campaign for is mining that is respectful for the environment and miners.

The gift of a Mosami Poppy is an encouragement to gently recall loving memories on the anniversary of a loss, or a help to ease difficult days after a recent loss.
Poppy is a quiet and sensitive way to say 'I'm thinking of you' or I'm sad you are hurting'.
She encourages her wearer to remember special souls with gratitude and love.