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 A gift of love and self belief
This unusual necklace combines sacred symbolism of the lotus with the loving energy of Rose Quartz. It inspires its wearer to nurture her personal growth, and to embrace the transformational magic of self love. 

Rose Quartz is believed to promote love, harmony, empathy and connection.  As the most important crystal for the heart chakra, Rose Quartz can help to open the heart to radiate self love and inspire compassion.

In the Buddhist tradition the lotus is a powerful symbol of transformation and growth towards enlightenment, on this necklace it represents the beauty of an emerging self.
Made by artisans in Nepal


We love the ethos and totally gorgeous products made in India and Nepal by A Beautiful Story and are very happy to welcome them as our guest brand.  This lovely collection of bracelets and necklaces tells a story of dreams for the future, and of small treasures to cherish. The gems used in each piece have a meaning and purpose, to help you to focus on your dreams.

Glass and brass bead necklace with a small silver plated coin charm and a gemstone pendant.
80cm overall length.
Made by artisans in Nepal

The power of this talisman lies in your ability to direct your mind to thoughts and emotions that will inspire self love and personal growth.

Find a quiet place to sit where you will be undisturbed. Hold your talisman in the palm of your hand, exploring its shape and texture with your fingertips.   Close your eyes and take 5 long slow deep breaths, allowing your mind to settle into quiet, and becoming aware of your body and breath.  Still holding your attention on your talisman, bring to mind the changes you want to make in your life, imagine in full detail how you will look and feel when you’ve achieved your goal, create a technicolour image of success in your mind’s eye and really experience how the new you will feel for the next five slow breaths.  Now move your awareness to your solar plexus chakra (just beneath your diaphragm) which is the centre for self belief.  With the next five in-breaths channel your feelings of success to flow into the chakra, making it glow brighter and brighter yellow.

Now bring your attention to your heart, imagining a light glowing softly inside it.   With each slow in-breath, imagine your heart filling with love making the light shine brighter and brighter. After 5 breaths, begin to picture the light spilling out into your body, filling it with love. Enjoy the sensation for another 5 slow breaths.

Finally bring your attention back to the shape of the talisman in your hand,  and maintaining the feelings of love in your mind, focus again on the feelings of growth and success that sit at your solar plexus chakra.  Connect the feelings of love and success to the talisman in your hand.  Repeated practice whilst holding your talisman will enable you to access these transformative feelings more readily, helping you to draw on feelings of confidence and self love whenever you most need them.


Made by artisans in Nepal and India who work with great passion and skill, often using techniques and materials long forgotten in western culture.

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