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A gift of love and connection
The soft pink Rose quartz charm on this bracelet is a reminder to cherish the loves in your life.  Rose Quartz is believed to promote love, harmony and connection and to attract loving relationships into your life.   As the most important crystal for the heart chakra, Rose Quartz can help to heal a broken heart, gently opening it to receive new love.

Multiple strands of glass beads in softly toning colours make this lovely bracelet wearable in so many ways. This is one of our firm favourites, once it’s on, you’ll not want to take it off.
Made by artisans in Nepal.


We love the ethos and totally gorgeous products made in India and Nepal by A Beautiful Story and are very happy to welcome them as our guest brand.  This lovely collection of bracelets and necklaces tells a story of dreams for the future, and of small treasures to cherish. The gems used in each piece have a meaning and purpose, to help you to focus on your dreams.

Seven strands of glass beads with a single Rose Quartz gemstone charm. The beads are threaded on strong elastic so that the bracelet slips easily over the hand, fitting neatly to the wrist.

Approx 17cm circumference.
Made by artisans in Nepal



Rose Quartz reminds us to connect to love, wearing it on your wrist is a reminder to pay attention to your heart, and nurture the loving relationships in your life.    Simply create your own affirmations (whatever feels right for you) and remember to repeat to yourself whenever you notice the bracelet on your wrist. Out loud is best but silently is more convenient!

Here are some example affirmations to get you started;

  • "I am love" 
  • "I cherish the loves in my life " 
  • "My heart is filled with love and I attract loving relationships "
  • "I love my mind body and soul"

Remember that affirmations aren't magic. They work through repetition and training your brain to learn positive emotional responses.  So it's very important to 'feel' your affirmation by actively imagining the positive emotion you experience in response to the words that you are saying.  And repeat it often so your brain begins to hold the belief.

Made by artisans in Nepal and India who work with great passion and skill, often using techniques and materials long forgotten in western culture.

More about them here.