We are creatures of habit we humans, so many things we do each day are repeated with absolute ease and familiarity. Whether it’s making a cuppa just the way you like it, kissing someone goodbye whenever you part, or the way you brush your hair, little rituals have very personal significance. They may be things we’ve fallen into because they feel right, or things we’ve learned and adopted, but our rituals are an affirming part of who we are.   

Life is filled with challenges large and small, and learning how to respond and thrive is something we each must do for ourselves.  Personal rituals help us stay grounded in ourselves, and provide a reassuring rhythm to difficult days.  And that’s the beautiful thing about rituals.  When life gets tough and we need to find our inner strength, familiar rituals help us stay focused, and new ones can provide a way to slot positive and affirming thoughts into daily routine.  Rituals for a positive mindset are simple to adopt and the very act of engaging with new empowering thoughts on a regular and frequent basis will begin to integrate them into our subconscious helping make them a habit and a truth. 
Jewellery has played a part in our human culture from the very earliest of prehistoric times.  It has of course always been prized as an expression of style and wealth.   But favourite pieces of jewellery are often worth so much more than their material value and charged with deep, personal and often romantic meaning.  A gift from a lover, a family heirloom, a holiday memory - the occasions are endless and all are reasons to treasure a special piece, wearing it is a permanent reminder of happy days and cherished people.  We believe this is why jewellery has such an enduring human value - not because it is made from precious things, but because we infuse it with precious thoughts that connect us to the people we love. 

With a little practice jewellery can do more than just remind us of happy times passed, it can help us to make positive choices for a happy future too. Use Mosami pieces to create beautiful personal rituals that blend empowering thought patterns with everyday routine. 

Here are four to get you started, Breathe Happy for juicing up your happiness tank, Lucky Day to load your days with luck, Daydream for some cost effective vacationing and Friendship to remind you you are loved ….

Lucky Day Mindfulness Ritual

Breathe Happy Mindfulness Ritual

Daydream Mindfulness Ritual

Friendship Mindfulness Ritual