Sarah Greenaway

My favourite Mosami piece?
It depends on how I'm feeling, what I'm wearing and what my day holds....I often like to wear Braveheart from the Talisman collection as it reminds me to be courageous and follow my dreams, and it's a gorgeous elegant piece that is bang on trend.  

We say: Inspired by many travels and lots of life, Sarah's insight into why jewellery matters in our lives is the creative force that makes Mosami's designs unique. Her passion for beautiful things combined with an obsession for thoughtful things is the magic in our launch collection. 

Sarah says: "I'm always intrigued by the depth of emotional connection we have with jewellery and creating this collection has allowed me to draw together modern thinking about positive psychology with symbolic tradition. I hope it can inspire wearers to deepen connections with themselves, the people they love and the planet we share."


Claire Murrell

My favourite Mosami piece?
It's really hard to pick out a single one, I've worked on so many of the pieces I feel a connection with them all. If I have to choose one though I think it would be the Iris Friendship Amulet from the Connected collection. I absolutely love the contrast of the fine detailing with the bold outline of the piece. It works really well for me because I like to wear something a bit bolder myself but it still retains that pretty feminine edge. The meaning behind it is really special too. Whatever's going on your life to feel connected with close friends and family is essential to get you through and the iris pendant embraces that philosophy beautifully.

We say: Claire's talent for turning ideas on paper into perfect handmade pieces has been a driving force behind Mosami's collection. Her lovely craft has helped to produce pieces with a unique and charming hand finished aesthetic.

Claire says "Bringing creative ideas to life from sketches is incredibly rewarding, particularly so with Mosami pieces that will help to support women here and in developing communities."


Pablo Funcia

My favourite Mosami piece?
If I had to pick only one Mosami piece it would definitely be Spirit from the Talisman collection. The design is a captivating capture of a beautiful fragment of nature. Its gentle, flowing shapes and the subtle texture make it rough and smooth at the same time, generating a wonderful contrast. I deeply believe in the importance of the remembrance of loved ones from a positive spirit, so I wouldn't be able to choose a better piece.

We say: Our beautiful website is the work of creative maestro Pablo. His eye for style is uncompromising and his determination to create order from chaos unrelenting and invaluable! 

Pablo says: "It is a true pleasure to be involved in a project like Mosami. Its aim to make the world a better place highlights the importance of socially responsible brands in the current global context. As a designer, I hope my contributions will help transmit the wonderful stories Mosami has to tell."


Helena Perez

My favourite Mosami piece?
I loved the Poppy for remembrance since the very first time I saw it. The level of detail and the carefully crafted design reveal something new every time you look at it and hold it. I believe the purpose of this piece is very important as well. Memory is what we are and what shapes us.

We say: Without Helena our website would be lost. Her gorgeous illustrations and intuitive eye for what makes Mosami beautiful have given it life and personality. 

Helena says: "I strongly believe in the power of design to improve people's lives and in the designer as an agent for social change. I am grateful for being part of Mosami's birth. It has been truly rewarding to help crafting the visual expression of this wonderful project."


Tracy Sutton

My favourite Mosami piece?
I fell in love with the rose gold Poppy from the Whisper a Wish Collection as soon as I saw it. The rich warmth of the rose gold contrasts beautifully with the dark silver centre and provides a strong feeling of positivity. The attention to detail with the stamen and the petals really reflects the craftsmanship that has gone into each piece

We say:  Tracy is absolutely dedicated to finding solutions that will protect our future. Her commitment has ensured that our packaging is entirely FSC accredited (no deforestation) and sourced in the UK for minimal transport footprint.  She hates waste too, so if you feel inclined to compost your Mosami packaging go ahead, but please use the little bit of silk ribbon for something else first.

Tracy says:  Aesthetic is as important to me as sustainability footprint so I've really enjoyed working with graphic designers Pablo & Helena on this project to create a beautiful packaging solution for Mosami's lovely pieces.  Best of all, it achieves my holy grail of gorgeous, functional and ethical which is of course Mosami's mission too!




Sam Rose

We say: Sam's speciality is perfection and it's her passion for precision that has made our Crystal Keeper so perfect. She's also passionate about Fairtrade and ethical silver which she uses for her own lovely collection. 

Sam says: "Designing jewellery allows me to express what my senses perceive in nature, it is my way of sharing what I think is beautiful with others."


Catherine Tutt

My favourite piece?
Is definitely Forget-Me-Not for Friendship.  Our friends are so important and this beautiful pendant will truly help to maintain the connection with friends and loved ones, both still living and also with those who have passed on.  The Forget-Me-Not was my Great-Grandmother’s favourite flower in memory of her husband who died in World War 1 before his second son, my grandfather, was born.

We say:  Catherine's wonderful talent for creating organic, fluid and beautiful forms in silver is the reason that our Talisman collection is so elegantly and timelessly stylish.  The pieces are testament to her skill as a designer and silversmith. More of her lovely work here:

Catherine says: My previous work has been inspired by observing the form and microscopic plant cell structures, drawing and studying these before transforming the sketches into jewellery.  Mosami has led me towards thinking more about form taken from words and symbolism. It has been an honour to be given the opportunity to have had my pieces made in ethical silver and at the same time to be part of a business that is giving work to those who need it.

Rachelle Strauss

My favourite Mosami piece?
I remember making friendship bracelets as a teen to give to my friends, so I love the Amity collection, particularly the 'love' one. First it's in two of my favourite colours and second, I'm working on self love at the moment, so this bracelet is a great reminder to be my own best friend!

We say: Thank heavens for Rachelle's wonderful gift of wordsmithing.  She artfully brings Mosami's  story to life with her wise scribing and her intuitive connection with our purpose means that she always writes with authenticity. 

Rachelle says: I love working with brands that are passionate and truly making a difference in the world. Mosami ticks all the boxes for me. And as someone who loves a bit of ritual in her life, I find the combination of beautiful jewellery and powerful ritual particularly exciting to be working with.