When you give the gift of Mosami jewellery to a friend (or yourself!) you also give a gift to another amazing woman in India.  Meet the inspiring and courageous women at Made by Survivors who make some of our lovely jewellery. 

We all love to wear beautiful things, spend time with friends, come home to a welcoming house, eat healthy food – they are things that so many of us enjoy every day, and things that every woman would naturally wish to have in her life.   These are the basics for living a life with a strong, vibrant sense of self; security, self confidence and self worth.

Tragically more than 15 million women and children live their life in slavery.  It's a life that is terrifying, brutal and often lethal. They have absolutely no security and no confidence and no way out. 

Thankfully there is something practical and powerful that we can do together to make a spectacular difference to the lives of these women and their children, and it simply involves wearing beautiful jewellery. What's not to love.    


Our incredible friends at Made by Survivors rescue women from slavery by training silversmithing skills and creating well paid and well respected employment for them.
Mosami is exceptionally proud to sell their beautiful pieces and to sponsor some of the women and projects that make this programme so awesome.

Slavery is shockingly prevalent in many countries where women are rendered powerless to control their lives by the society in which they were born. Cultural norms, poverty, lack of law, instability and lack of education all contribute to a scenario where it’s easy to condemn women and their children to slavery for a lifetime. Slavery takes many forms including prostitution, forced labour and arranged marriage. It’s a pervasive and complex global issue, and as with many apparently insoluble problems part of the answer is practical grassroots action.

Made by Survivors’ programmes take women from slavery and give them access to economic independence by teaching practical and valuable skills. This freedom to support their families and make choices about how to live their life is profoundly transformative.


The Relevee jewellery programme (  is Made By Survivors' most successful employment project for survivors.  Through this programme the women learn goldsmithing skills as well as business and management, so they can have access to well paid jobs and grow as individuals. By making and selling high quality jewellery the Made by Survivors/Relevee programme transforms lives.



Survivors’ wonderful work means that hundreds of women and their children are able to have a safe and happy home, support their family, enjoy their friendships and develop a self confidence that will empower them for a lifetime.

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Slavery in numbers

27 million people are enslaved in today’s world

One million children are trafficked every year for sexual exploitation

100 million girls are trapped in child marriages

200,000 children are exploited in child labor

Average age of victims at the time of trafficking: 11-14