How will it help?

The human brain has a negative bias, which means it is pre-wired to spot danger.  In the context of our ancient ancestors this made perfect sense as danger was frequently life threatening. In the modern world life is much safer, but a brain left to its own devices will still notice (and remember) negatives before it notices positives.  The good news is that with a little application, brains can be trained to notice more positives. By deliberately noticing the lucky things that happen each day you will start to feel lucky, which in turn creates a more positive outlook. 



For this ritual, our Lucky Day necklace is perfect.  
Four leaved clover is a symbol of good luck for everyone.  Whether lazing on a childhood  summer lawn searching for the elusive talisman or dreaming of the fabled Irish luck, we’ve all wondered how to draw more to our life.  Here’s how.



Clover is a reminder to see life through a positive lens.  As you put on the charm in the morning make a resolution to notice and enjoy the upsides of your day, and not allow the downsides to obscure the view.  Take a moment to think about the lucky things that happened the last time you were wearing Clover and look forward to spotting your luck in the day ahead.When you notice yourself giving attention to some ‘bad luck’, take hold of your Clover charm and redirect your thoughts to something that’s ‘good luck’ – it can be something that’s happening at the same time (or even just a different spin on the same event!) or something you noticed earlier in the day, you just need to deliberately replace the negative with a positive.  



Throughout your day make a conscious effort to spot and acknowledge the things that go right, from minor strokes of luck like a car parking space suddenly becoming free to major lucky breaks like finding your dream house.  And also remember to notice the luck that stops something bad happening, the fact that you didn’t knock the coffee onto your laptop, or you took a different train home and missed a major delay – it all counts as lucky.  Each time you notice your luck, touch your Clover charm, say ‘lucky me’ (in your head if you don't want anyone to hear you!) and take a moment to appreciate your luck.   Play with this little celebration if you want to  – say something that amuses you about being lucky, or do a high five to yourself, maybe a silent whoop (or one out loud if you like!).  What you think/say is personal to you – the important part is that you acknowledge your luck, you’ll be amazed how much luck has passed by unnoticed all this time!







At the end of the day as you take off Lucky Day Clover, take a moment to reflect on the lucky things that have happened and appreciate that things have subtly gone your way in more ways than you’ve noticed before. It’s a bit like a spot the difference puzzle, the more you look the more you’ll see.  And the luckier you will begin to feel. 

To get even more from this ritual, share your lucky experiences with friends and family, talking about positive experiences makes them even more effective at boosting happiness and re-enforces the positive neural pathways that this practice helps to create.  



Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that countering the brain’s natural negativity bias There is a huge amount of research that shows how active positive thoughts are beneficial to happiness and wellbeing, and neuroscience is proving that regular practice can ‘re-wire’ the brain to notice more positive events.

For this ritual little and often works best.  And make it fun - enjoy!