Are Mosami pieces made using sterling silver? 

Yes, all of our jewellery is made from 925 silver which is also called 'sterling' silver.  This means that the metal is 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloyed metal, normally copper. The alloy is added to improve the strength of the silver which is inherently very soft.  You can learn more here:

Is recycled silver good quality?

Because silver is a metal, reclaimed material can be refined to extract the pure metal so that the silver is just the same as silver that's newly refined. Once it has been re-processed and re-alloyed, it is classed as sterling silver. There is no difference in quality.

Why do you use recycled silver?

In common with all resources on the planet, there is a limited supply of silver.  We believe that all resources should be used in ways that mean they can be used again and again. In the case of metals, this means that the same 1g of metal if recycled carefully could be used hundreds of time for numerous uses. 

 I'd like to return my purchase, what is your return policy?

We are very happy to refund unworn pieces returned in their original packaging - please see our returns poicy here;

 What does Mosami mean? 

'Sami' is a native Peruvian word for love. It's pronounced with a long 'aaa', to rhyme with army.  We added 'MO' the abbreviation for 'modus operandi' to give us a unique name that means 'made with love'. 

How is your jewellery packed? 

As standard your jewellery will arrive in a presentation box in a Mosami bag.  It is posted in a rigid shipping box. 

 Where is Mosami jewellery made? 

Most of our pieces are made by a family business in Thailand, we visit the workshops and know the team well.   We also aim to work with womens' enterprises in developing communities so some of our pieces will be made in other countries. For example our Amity bracelets are made in Kenya.  Visit our 'Friends' page for more information

 What is different about Fairtrade silver? 

The silver itself is no different to any other, however Fairtrade accreditation guarantees that the ways in which it is mined is less environmentally damaging, and the miners receive a fair price for the metal they produce.  They also receive a premium that is used to fund community development projects such as schools and health care. 
See here for more information:

 What is ethical jewellery?

The word 'ethical' can refer to many different aspects of jewellery products and manufacturers will focus on the things in their supply chain that are most relevant.  At Mosami we consider three main areas: 

Materials - sourcing of materials that are not environmentally damaging and that can be used and re-used.
People - ensuring that everyone in our supply chain is treated fairly and paid fairly. 
Product usage - we want to encourage people to buy and wear jewellery that can last a lifetime, and that can be recycled when it reaches the end of its useful life. 

We believe that an ethical necklace is twice as beautiful because it has been made with great care as well as designed to look fabulous. 

What is the purpose of Mosami rituals?

In today's pressured world it's common for people to experience feelings of stress and unhappiness.  The ancient practice of mindfulness is becoming more and more understood as a tool for managing our mental wellbeing but like anything worth learning, it takes application and self discipline to build these powerful thought patterns into our daily routine.  Mosami rituals have been developed as a simple, enjoyable and unobtrusive way of helping women to integrate mindfulness practice into their everyday, so that it becomes part of a lifestyle rather than a task to be ticked off a list. So for example the Happiness Ritual that accompanies our Marigold pendant encourages the wearer to remember to pay extra attention to the positive moments in each day. 

 What makes Mosami jewellery thoughtful jewellery? 

Our jewellery is thoughtful on lots of levels. Firstly we put lots of thought into the designs, drawing on traditional symbolism and traditions from the global village to create pieces that have inspired positive thoughts for generations.  This means that each piece of jewellery is steeped in meaning making it a truly thoughtful gift.
We also invest great care and attention to ensure that our jewellery is ethically sourced and that it will be loved and worn for many years.
Lastly and definitely not leastly, our pieces are designed to inspire their wearer to integrate mindfulness practice and positive psychology principles into her everyday life, helping to create habits that can improve and enhance psychological wellbeing. 

 Can jewellery really make me happy? 

Well of course it can't!  Only you can make you happy, and one of the many things that can help you with the pursuit of happiness is the daily practice of the types of mindfulness techniques that our rituals are based upon. Our mindfulness jewellery is simply a tool to help you to integrate good habits into your day, and rituals are a fantastic way to embed habit. 

 What is mindfulness? 

Mindfulness has recently become a 'catch-all' word for the integration of many different tools and techniques for cultivating a state of peace and mental wellbeing.  In essence it simply refers to the practice of being present in each moment and calmly and non-judgmentally observing thoughts and events as they occur.  

Mindfulness according to  Jon Kabat-Zinn Professor of Medicine Emeritus and creator the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts.

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 Is Mosami packaging sustainable? 

All of our packaging is cardboard, made using wood from sustainable sources.  Wherever possible we choose FSC accredited paper.