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Braveheart - Talisman Collection

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Designed to capture the qualities of a fennel seed this elegant pendant inspires courage.
Fennel has been a friend to warriors and those in need of courage for milennia. Chewed as a seed or smoothed onto skin as an essential oil, fennel has inspired brave hearts the world over.
Wear this talisman as a reminder that courage in a quality each of us can find in times of need. 
For a little more on how to find your own kind of courage when you need it, visit our Rituals page and play with the Braveheart ritual. 

The talisman is symbol of magical powers and mystery across a multitude of cultures. Our Talisman collection doesn't come with magic included, but wishes to inspire its wearer to make a little magic of her own. Each piece symbolises an empowering mindset for a positive life, and acts as a reminder to pay attention to the things that make you strong. It's no mystery that focus and good intent get results. 

Gorgeously styled to evoke the form of tiny fennel seeds and a high polish to enhance the intricate detailing of this unusual piece made by Mosami guest designer Catherine Tutt.

Sterling silver
Size: 35mm x 15mm
Chain length: 30"

Combines well with any other Talisman Charm

Made by hand by craftsmen and craftswomen at family owned workshops in Thailand. We know the team well and love to find an excuse to visit.
Mosami uses 'second life' sterling silver - this means it's been used for other things in the past (maybe jewellery, cutlery or an industrial use) and re-refined to produce perfect sterling silver. We do this because the environmental and human impact of silver mines is truly terrible.
By re-cycling silver we are at least minimising this damage. However this is temporary fix - what we campaign for is mining that is respectful for the environment and miners.