A Beautiful Story

We love the ethos and totally gorgeous products made in India and Nepal by A Beautiful Story and are very happy to welcome them as our first guest brand.  This lovely collection of bracelets and necklaces tells a story of dreams for the future, and of small treasures to cherish. The gems used in each piece have a meaning and purpose, to help you to focus on your dreams.


Cathelijne Lania, founder of A Beautiful Story"We believe in the power of co-creation, with everyone contributing specific talents.  At our home in Amsterdam we follow fashion & lifestyle trends, in Nepal and India artisans work with great passion and skill, often using techniques and materials long forgotten in western culture.
Together we create collections with beautiful stories. Our fair-trade jewellery provides a sparkle to the lives of the artisans – and we hope to yours too." 
Cathelijne Lania, Founder of A Beautiful Story. 



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