Five ethical brands selling jewellery with meaning this Christmas


One of the very best things about working in the ethical jewellery business is the amazing & inspiring people we meet.  There are some truly fabulous jewellery brands out there run by people who share our passion for jewellery with meaning that's both ethical and beautiful.  
Here are our fave five brands, each one puts enormous amounts of thought & meaning into their pieces, and of course it goes without saying that they focus on ethical materials and ethical making.  Add them to your Christmas wishlist! 


A Beautiful Story


Apart from falling in love with the name of the brand, we heart A Beautiful Story so much we've recently started stocking some of their bracelets. Like us, A Beautiful Story wants to help make this world a little better and their focus is on fair trade commerce.

Starting at just £12.95, their pieces incorporate beautiful precious stones such as amethyst, carnelian and tigers eye. And, as their brand name suggests, each piece tells a story. Whether you want to enhance your feminine wisdom, experience more optimism or attract success you'll find something to delight you.

We're head over heels with the Shine silver chalcedony bracelet and Nirmala amethyst bracelet.

Anna Loucah

As one of the UK’s first Fairtrade gold license holders, Anna is aware that while we usually give or receive jewellery as sentiments of love, the sourcing of materials is often riddled with pain, danger and destruction. Her goal is to prove the love doesn't have to cost the earth (or someone else’s life) by sourcing diamonds from the Jeweltree Foundation, using independent, reputable suppliers for semi-precious gems and fairtrade or recycled precious metals.

Her fascination with tradition, ritual and relationship flows through every piece she creates with her unique designs inspired by world journeys and mystical imagery.

Her collection pieces range £220 to £6400 with bespoke commissions taken on request. We're setting our sights on this 'compass point East' medallion necklace which fuses Fairtrade sterling silver with gold vermeil, iolite and frosted quartz cabochon.

Just Trade


Just Trade are an online fair trade and ethical jewellery shop. Their fair trade jewellery is sourced directly so all their products are locally-sourced using ethical materials. They work together with the artisans to create beautiful ethical jewellery and collaborate on the design.

With prices ranging from £6-£45, we're keeping our fingers crossed this hand carved bunny will hop into our Christmas stockings this year - who could resist giving this cutie a home? And we're loving these show stopping triple brass earrings which will ensure you sparkle brighter than any Christmas Tree!

Pembe Club

With the tagline "Designed to make a difference", Pembe Club sell handcrafted jewellery, using local, natural and sustainable elements.
The names of each range in their collection might give you a clue as to their particular passion - each one is named after a Tanzanian Game Park or Reserve in a bid to bring attention to the growing crisis of elephant extermination.

A percentage of each sale goes directly to elephant anti-poaching causes. With prices ranging from £25 - £1200 we're loving the Selous copper necklace featuring recycled glass beads.

September Rose

Sam is a woman after our own heart. She goes to great lengths to ensure that every raw material used to make September Rose jewellery is traceable. Where possible, no mercury or cyanide are used in the mining processes and she uses eco metals too.

She also offers a bespoke service to provide truly unique jewellery with meaning. She’ll either rework an old piece, using metal or gemstones that have sentimental value, or design and create something completely from scratch. 

Her fine art jewellery ranges from £125 TO £42,000 and we can't help but add her stunning  Kanji blossom ring to our ‘Dear Santa’ list!



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