It's the Family Learning Festival and we're sharing simple happiness tips for families to enjoy.

Three ways to explore mindfulness and gratitude with your family

Our lives seem to be getting more and more busy, which often means the urgent takes over from the important. And generally it’s our loved ones who miss out. We assume they’ll always be there, take them for granted and before you know it, our quality time together has slipped down the priority list.

Taking place now is the Family Learning Festival. We think this is a great way to explore the things you can do as a family to reclaim some quality time together.


In its 17th year, The Family Learning Festival takes place 17th October - 1st November 2015. The founders of the awareness campaign explain more about the festival: “The Learning Festival started to stimulate a love of learning in the family and learning for life. Creating opportunities where family members learn together changes attitudes to learning, builds confidence, raises aspiration, and provides a stepping stone to further opportunities and learning.”

There’s plenty going on around the country from arts and crafts to discovering science but we want to keep things closer to home by sharing some happiness tips. We think there’s already enough busy-ness in life and we’re all about keeping things simple.

During The Family Learning Festival we’re sharing ways you can explore mindfulness and gratitude to bring more of these qualities into your daily lives. Each one of our happiness tips is free and inter-generational. From toddlers to teens to elders, these ideas will suit everybody!

Gratitude jar

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Sweat dreams

This is a simple and cosy ‘ritual’ to end your day, helping focus your attention on one another, and experiences of the day.  It's a gentle way to send your child off to sleep feeling content.  And it’s really simple to do!

Simply ask one another about your worst and best part of the day. Talking about the ‘worst part’, allows time for children to express anything that's worrying them.  Finishing with the ‘best part’ is a lovely way to share successes and moments of gratitude, which leads to a positive mindset before sleep.

Breathing buddies

One of our beliefs is “You’re only ever one breath away from peace”, and focusing on the breath is one of the quickest ways to reduce stress.  Adults can simply rest their hands on their abdomen, close their eyes and sense their hands moving upwards and outwards on the in breath and returning to a resting position on the outbreath.Younger members of the family might like a breathing buddy. As this video explains, you can invite a child to lie down on their back with a favourite teddy on their tummy. They then focus their attention on the rise and fall of the stuffed animal as they breathe in and out.

mosami | happiness tip | gratitude jarUnfortunately, we’re all wired to focus on the negative! Thankfully, new research show it's possible to retrain our thinking to be more positive.  Taking regular time to focus on things we’re grateful for can really make a difference, helping rewire better thought patterns. 
A gratitude jar is a reminder of all the good things that happen throughout the year. Take a scrap of paper, jot down your happy, and add to the jar.  Do this randomly, or set aside time as a family to fill in slips of paper.  Then on a special occasion, such as the New Year, you can open the jar and revisit your happy :-) 
During The Family Learning Festival why not get together and decorate your jar ready to fill with wonderful memories!  

As you can see, bringing mindfulness into your daily family life needn’t be complicated. Why not spend three minutes focusing on your breathing together, write something for your gratitude jar then share the worst and best part of your day? It will take ten minutes at most and could end up being the most meaningful part of your week as a family.

Mindfulness for friends

Happiness Tips | Mosami | Marigold for Happiness Tips | Mosami Marigold for happiness pendant If a friend is going through a difficult time, our Breathe Happy Ritual will help them to notice and focus on happiness in their day, the moments that inspire a sense of awe and the flashes of gratitude that a smile from a stranger or a stunning sunset can instil.

Wearing our Marigold for Happiness necklace is a reminder to practice this ritual daily. 

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