To mark National Work Life Week we share four happiness tips to help maintain that elusive balance.

The elusive 'Work/Life Balance'.  Wikipedia has a comprehensive page on it, the Huffington Post has an entire section dedicated to it and there's even a week raising awareness of it.  Last week was National Work Life Week and Working Families (  has been working hard to inspire the nation to find more balance.  For me it has been a week of too much work and not enough life, so I'm stopping to reflect on how to make some improvements!  
To mark the the week, we asked the team for some happiness tips, and how to find joy in whatever the day brings, at work and at play.


Catherine TuttCatherine swears by a few lengths of the pool. She says “An early morning swim followed by coffee and breakfast to start the day with positivity helps me keep life in balance.” You might be asking “How can adding one more thing to my already busy schedule possibly help?” Well, research led by Dr. Russell Clayton at Saint Leo University, backs up Catherine’s suggestion. They discovered that regular physical activity enhances the ability to integrate your personal and professional lives. In other words, fitting exercise into your routine can help you achieve significantly better work-life balance.


Pablo FunciaPablo suggests that we work hard and play hard with his suggestion - “Work hard nine ‘til six. Stop after six and always do something you enjoy afterwards such as sport, reading or going out.” He also suggests putting a boundary in place that we can all implement right now. He says “Don’t set up your work email account on your phone.” Finally, he shares “It shouldn't be work vs life but work as part of life: enjoy what you do and be excited about it when returning from holidays.”


Sarah GreenawaySarah agrees with Pablo that it’s not about work vs life. She says “Strive to find work that is aligned with your personal values; so work is fulfilling. Even if you’re not in the job of your dreams, focus on the areas of your day that DO align with your values. For example, if connection is important to you see if you can incorporate more coaching, working with teams or developing relationships into your ‘To Do’ list. Although it’s been a long journey and there are plenty more adventures and challenges yet to come,  I’m happy to say that Mosami is perfectly aligned my values which means that although I work incredibly hard, I almost always enjoy it”.  Of course there are times when it's tough but that's life!

Rachelle has recently signed up to a mindfulness course. She says “I’m an overthinker! Even when I’m not at work, my mind is busy writing designing websites, rehearsing conversations and planning new projects. Mindfulness is helping me step out of my head, reconnect with my body and listen to my heart. I’m finding it invaluable to start my day in a more grounded way and to end my day less stressed. And when I find myself in a stressful situation during the day, I know I’m only a few breaths away from feeling more peace and finding clarity.”

Maybe you have a friend who could benefit from some balance in her life. Or perhaps you’re wondering how to bring more happiness into yours. Our cheerful marigold pendant could be just the thing. Sometimes called Herb of the Sun, the marigold’s vibrant sunshine orange colour brings a sunny smile to the wearer’s face. Combined with our  Breathe Happy’ ritual, you’ll soon find your focus shifting from the mundane to the cheerful. Our ritual shows that with regular practice, simply thinking about feeling happy can actually make you feel happier!

We’d love to hear your happiness tips – what helps you keep work / life in balance?


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