Ancient easter traditions inspire Mosami’s thoughtful New Beginnings Hare pendant

thoughtful Easter gifts with Mosami's New Beginnings hare

The name Ostara, or Eostre, is one of many terms applied to the celebration of the spring equinox on March 21. Looking through the origins of Ostara, you’ll find several crossovers from the Christian, pagan and Roman traditions. We know Easter from the Christian festival and somewhere the idea of Easter bunnies, eggs and the spring hare all originate from the onset of spring time being the start of new life in the world of nature. The term 'Mad as a March Hare' comes from the tendency for hares and rabbits to become prolific in their mating habits at this time. Male hares become over excited and often run and cavort wildly in order to draw attention from their female mates.    

The hare was revered as a sacred animal in many cultures and associated with the Moon Goddess Eostre. To see a hare staring at the moon was considered a good omen and a sign of fertility and growth. Eventually the hare became the Easter Bunny and the 'Hot Cross Bun' representative of the four quarters of the Moon.

Mosami sacred hare pendant eostre blessings    Mosami sacred hare pendant eostre blessings

In folklore the hare represents the springboard for new birth, creativity and the secretive gestation of new life. In the dark of the night, pierced by the creamy light of the full moon, we see the hare, bounding across the open fields, only to stop and lift himself up to the gaze of the mysterious light.

What does this sacred moment mean to us? How can we experience the creative urges that spring into new life and infinite possibilities? Somewhere within all of us lies a seed of creativity and a stirring to bring forth something new and original from our hearts. Maybe the hare can still show us the way, to inspire us to look up and become lost in something that is greater than our own journey and in that vision to see the way ahead to experience a vision of a future that celebrates the best of life, all over again.

Nowadays, it seems that Easter is mainly about over indulging in chocolate and sweets, and thoughtful Easter gifts are few and far between. This overindulgence on the sweet things in life comes at a cost to both our waistlines and people. Easter chocolate sales make up 10 per cent of Britain's annual spending on chocolate (the average spend on Easter presents is £56), however there are an estimated 2 million children working on cocoa plantations in Ghana and Ivory Coast, 500,000 of them in exploitative conditions.

thoughtful Easter gifts | Mosami | new beginnings hare    thoughtful Easter gifts | Mosami new beginnings pendant

Our fairtrade jewellery provides the perfect Easter gift for people who want something with more meaning. The Hare pendant is the ideal talisman for positive transformation when you’re birthing something new in your life. Perhaps you, or someone you love, is making a life change. The hare will remind you to stay focused on the dream that inspired you, stride over setbacks and to believe in the new you. At times when you need a little courage, hold her in your hand and let her remind you why you have chosen change, and how it will feel to reach your goal. What a great ally to have hopping by your side as you seek to make positive new beginnings in your life!

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